How to do Commercial Real Estate Press Releases

Clippings of your published press releases are great to show potential clients that you’re “for real”. It shows, not only, that you have the capability to turn-over properties but also market yourself successfully.  But if you’ve never written or submitted a press release, starting can be confusing.

1) Start by gathering PR contacts. Your local newspaper, real estate publication, CCIM and other real estate related magazines will have a website. Search the website for contact information of editors within your desired section. Most of the time, there will be an email address provided.  If there is no information, call the office number and ask to whom you submit press releases. Writers like getting information directly from sources, so it’s unlikely they’ll turn you away.

2) Setup an email list. Make a contact for each one of the editors and add them to your address book. Organize your PR contacts into a separate list. You’ll want to keep everyone together to avoid hunting down individual names for every monthly or bi-weekly email.

3) Writing your first press release. Press releases for commercial real estate offices usually announce new agents or closed listings. There’s no need to make your writing fluffy or try to “sex it up”. You’re trying to get mentioned in a business publication, so keep it simple.

New agent announcements come first (they are almost always published) followed by your sales and leases. Be sure to order them so your biggest sale/lease shows first. Bold the transaction value so the editor can scan it easily. Simply state the transaction value, the buyer/seller or leaser/lessee. If your clients want to remain anonymous state that it was a private sale/lease. You can also add the square footage, building type and any other details you think are interesting. Some editors enjoy photos so be sure to attach a building or agent photo.

4) Submitting a press release. I suggest you Blind Copy your PR list. Some editors may not publish your accomplishments if they feel someone else may beat them to publish. Different publication release dates may have editors skipping your announcement if a name on that list publishes sooner than he does.

Subject line is important. I suggest you do something like, “Adams CRE closes $1.2 M Sale” Highlight your company (or agent name) with your highest transaction value. Using the same “Adams CRE Weekly Press Release” may have editors automatically hitting the delete button.

5) Watch and wait. Every time a new publication comes out, check to see if your announcement made the cut. Adding multiple press releases to your “brag book” is a great way to show potential clients how involved you are in the industry.

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